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In moments of crisis or doubt or when you run into the same pattern over and over again you go looking for a solution. Maybe you just want advice or finally get on with a major change in your life.
Hypnotherapy has proven to be a succesfull, relatively short form of therapy that not only uses inward concentration but also a large scala of psychotherapeutic interventions.
30 years of experience.
When you want to get to the source of a problem regression- or reïncarnationtherapy can be helpfull.
After an intake it will be more clear which therapeutic path to take and if necessary it can be reconsidered later.
In a three year education program I learned how to work with hypnotherapy, NlP (neurolinguistic programming), RET (rational emotive therapy), TA (transactional analysis) and psycho synthesis. After I studied Jungian therapy and published a book on my work with all these therapeutic interventions and its combinations.
I was educated by the pioniers of reïncarnationtherapy like Netherton, Woolger and Hans ten Dam.
Thirty years of practice lead to publishing about twenty articles and two more books, one on meditation and selfhypnosis and one on reïncarnation.
I give lectures on reïncarnation and the forming of the personality.
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By invitation I will give lectures on my work and on reincarnation.
I also give meditation courses for beginners and advanced students

Voor more information: infokarmaweb@gmail.com
Practice of Hypnotherapy,
Regression- and Reincarnation Therapy

Henny Dekker
I was born in januari 1950 in the university town of Utrecht in the middle of the Netherlands. My father, uncles and grandfathers were craftsmen in carpentry, metalwork and painting. My father had a small bussiness, my mother like most mothers those days was a housewife taking care of me and my two younger brothers. My brother who is two years younger is mentally handicaped and lived with us, placing me in the role of transelater and caretaker.
After highschool at the age of seventeen I started travelling and working in various jobs. It brought me into contact with other religions and cultures, in the East with Buddhism and in Mexico and Guatamala with shamanism.
Various courses and nature thaught me how to meditate. In 1986 a course in selfhypnosis enriched that and lead to starting an eduation as a hypnotherapist a year later.
When I started my practice three years later I also became the father of a son.
I worked in Rotterdam and Den Helder and now in Alkmaar and give courses in meditation, the forming of the personality and reïncarnation.

What is hypnotherapy?

Modern hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses its own specific methods but also makes use of a variety of other interventions like NLP, psycho-synthesis and Jungian psychotherapy.
Unlike traditional hypnotherapy the emphasis is on the use of specific language instead of relaxation to induce a state of trance.

What is regression therapy?

Regression literally means going back.
Regression therapy makes you go back in time to relive traumatic events that lay at the core of today’s problems.
First it is relived as the infant and the emotions are released, then it is viewed from the perspective of the adult and the assumptions that are made then are reviewed. The adult then helps the child and makes thereby a renewed connection with the inner child.
By the use of cell memory and the memories that are ‘locked up’ in emotions it is possible to go back to early childhood, birth and the time in the womb.

What is reincarnation therapy?

Reincarnation therapy makes you go even further back in time and works with traumatic experiences from former lifetimes and the soul after death. You experience yourself in a other body in a different time. The history of the soul of a human being is much longer than our conscious memories may suggest.
Since the seventies of the former century psychotherapists have come across hundreds of thousands experiences from ordinary people with other lifetimes. It showed that problems now have either there core in another lifetime or are part of a theme that spans more than one life. By experiencing this you become aware of these themes, history literally repeats itself until you make a change. And by seeing this you become aware of your soul’s history and realize who you really are and what you are supposed to learn in this life.
When there is a direct link between this and a former life I work in an almost similar way as in regression therapy. The difference is that at the end of the session you can overlook that life from the soul’s perspective and see what you had to learn then and what you took with you to this life.

It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation as long as you keep an open mind. Reincarnation is definitely not about guilt and punishment but it can be about guilt feelings. It is very much about learning and growing spiritually.

With all three of these therapies the emphasis is on trust between therapist and client and the cooperation between them. Therefore there will always be an intake session first. For the necessary information of course and to find bridges to the past, but more importantly to establish a safe relationship.
The state of trance I work with is very comparable with being absorbed in music, a book or movie. There is always contact between me and the client and you can remember everything afterwards.

For whom and for what kind of problems?

These therapies are effective for phobia, psychosomatic disorders, behavioural and relation problems, fear and emotional stress.
Feelings of uselessness or guilt, not feeling at home in this world but also fear and phobia may be an indication for reincarnation therapy.
A history of violence either emotional, physical or sexual can be resolved by either three or a combination.
But it is not only about solving problems it is also mend for knowing yourself, your behaviour and understanding your relations with other people better.
And of course for personal and spiritual growth.

Freedom starts where fear ends.